Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 664 -
- Sequence number search
A custom macro program cannot be searched for a sequence number.
- Single block
Even while a macro program is being executed, blocks can be stopped
in the single block mode.
A block containing a macro call command (G65, G66,G66.1, or G67)
does not stop even when the single block mode is on.
Blocks containing arithmetic operation commands and control
commands can be stopped in single block mode by setting SBM (bit 5
of parameter 0010) to 1. Single block stop operation is used for testing
custom macro programs. By setting 1 for parameter SB8 (bit 4 of No.
0010), parameter SB7 (bit 3 of No. 0010), and parameter SB9 (bit 2 of
No. 2201), single-block stop can be performed for limited program
numbers, using macro statements.
Note that when a single block stop occurs at a macro statement in cutter
compensation mode, the statement is assumed to be a block that does
not involve movement, and proper compensation cannot be performed
in some cases. (Strictly speaking, the block is regarded as specifying a
movement with a travel distance 0.)
- Optional block skip
A / appearing in the middle of an <expression> (enclosed in brackets
[ ] on the right-hand side of an arithmetic expression) is regarded as a
division operator; it is not regarded as the specifier for an optional
block skip code.
- Operation in EDIT mode
By setting NE8 (bit 0 of parameter 0011) and NE9 (bit 0 of parameter
2201) to 1, deletion and editing are disabled for custom macro
programs and subprograms with program numbers 8000 to 8999 and
9000 to 9999. This prevents registered custom macro programs and
subprograms from being destroyed by accident. When the entire
memory is cleared, the contents of memory such as custom macro
programs are deleted.
- Program display in modes other than EDIT mode
By setting 1 for parameter ND8 (bit 1 of No. 0011) and parameter ND9
(bit 1 of No. 2201), custom macros or subprograms with program
numbers 8000 to 8999 and 9000 to 9999 will not be subject to program
display in other than EDIT mode. Thus, custom macros or
subprograms called during execution are not displayed on the program
screen or the program check screen.

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