Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 665 -
- Reset
With a reset operation, local variables and common variables #100 to
#199 are cleared to null values. They can be prevented from clearing by
setting, CLV (bit 6 of parameter 7000). System variables #1000 to
#1132 are not cleared.
A reset operation clears any called states of custom macro programs
and subprograms, and any DO states, and returns control to the main
- Display of the PROGRAM RESTART
As with M98, the M and T codes used for subprogram calls are not
- Feed hold
When a feed hold is enabled during execution of a macro statement, the
machine stops after execution of the macro statement. The machine
also stops when a reset or alarm occurs.
- DNC operation
Control commands (such as GOTO and WHILE-DO) cannot be
executed during DNC operation.
- Usable variable values
Maximum: Approx. ±10
Minimum: Approx.±10
- Constant values that can be used in <expression>
+0.00000000001 to +999999999999
-999999999999 to -0.00000000001
The number of significant digits is 12 (decimal). If this range is
exceeded, alarm PS0012 occurs.

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