Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 48 -
- Arc radius
The distance between an arc and the center of a circle that contains the
arc can be specified using the radius, R, of the circle instead of I, J, and
In this case, one arc is less than 180deg., and the other is more than
180deg. are considered. When an arc exceeding 180deg. is commanded,
the radius must be specified with a negative value. If Xp, Yp, and Zp are
all omitted, if the end point is located at the same position as the start
point and when R is used, an arc of 0deg. is programmed G02R ; (The
cutter does not move.)
Fig.4.4 (c) Arc radius
- Feedrate
The feedrate in circular interpolation is equal to the feed rate specified by
the F code, and the feedrate along the arc (the tangential feedrate of the
arc) is controlled to be the specified feedrate.
For arc (1) (less than 180°)
G91 G02 X60.0 Y20.0 R50.0 F300.0 :
For arc (2) (greater than 180°)
G91 G02 X60.0 Y20.0 R-50.0 F300.0 :
r =50mm
End point
Start point
r =50mm

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