Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 680 -
Code Function
G52 Local coordinate system setting
M00 Program stop
M01 Optional stop
M02 End of program
M30 End of program
In addition, M codes to suppress buffering can be set with parameters.
*1 To specify G52 as a G code that permits buffering, set O52 *bit 2
of parameter No.2409( to 1. In this case, the first move command
after G52 must be specified in absolute mode.
N1 G92 X0 Y0 G01
N2 G05.1 (multibuffer mode on)
N3 G42 G90 X1000 Y1000 F1000 D01
N4 G68 R-3000
N98 G05.1 P1 (multibuffer mode off)
N99 G49 G40 G90 X0 Y0 M30
1 Macro statements do not count as blocks mentioned
here. A macro statement specified immediately
before NC statements to be converted to an
executable form is executed when the CNC
statements are converted to an executable form.
N10 G01 X100.0 F100
N20 G90 X200.0
N21 #1 = 100.0
N22 #2 = 200.0
N30 X300.0
N31 #3 = 300.0
N40 X400.0
N50 X500.0
N60 X600.0
N61 #4 = 400.0
N70 X700.0
When the N10 block is being executed, blocks up to
N60 have been buffered, and the N21, N22, and
N031 macro statements have been executed. When
execution of the N20 block starts, the N61 macro
statement is executed, and N70 is buffered.

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