Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 681 -
2 If many small blocks are specified in succession, an
interruption in pulse distribution may occur between
blocks. Such an interruption can be prevented if the
time for executing blocks read in advance is longer
than the time required for advance reading of the
following block.
3 The blocks mentioned above include cycles created
internally in the CNC. Blocks including canned
cycles and cycles created by cutter compensation
are buffered.
4 Note the following when using system variables 5021
to 5055 in the multibuffer mode: When current
position information is read through a system
variable in the multibuffer mode, specify G53 alone in
the previous block
#3 = 5003
G00 X#24 Y#25
G53 (To read #5021 to #5023, stop buffering.))
G91 X[10.0 - #5021] Y[20.0 - #5022] Z[30.0 - #5023]
5 Specifying G53 suppresses advance reading both in
the multibuffer mode and in normal operation.
Indication of a canned cycle
On the program screen or program check screen, the
block being executed is normally marked by > at the
left of the block. When a canned cycle with L
specified is executed in the multibuffer mode, the
mark > is sometimes not indicated. This only
concerns the display, however, and it does not affect

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