Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 682 -
6 Processing performed at buffering
The following processes performed at buffering are
also performed at buffering in the multibuffer mode
(1) Tool selection according to tool life management
(2) Input of the park signal
N1 G01 G91 X100.0
N2 Y100.0
N3 X100.0
N4 Y100.0
N5 X100.0
N6 M06 T101
Suppose that blocks up to N6 have been buffered
during execution of the N1 block. In this case, even
if the end of the useful life of group 01 is reached
while the N1 to N5 blocks are being executed, the
next tool is not used for N6 because N6 is already
7 In the multibuffer mode as well as other modes, the
single-block stop, feed hold stop, and restart
operations are enabled.

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