Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 697 -
Example) If interchange number 4 is specified
G00 X100.0 Y200.0 Z30.0 ;
G00 X200.0 Y300.0 Z100.0 ;
1 If the same program is used with and without axis
interchange, the amount of travel and the direction
assumed with axis interchange differ from those
assumed without axis interchange, depending on the
start position and whether the command is an
incremental or absolute command.
(Example) Case in which the start position is the same
and the direction of travel for the incremental
command differs with axis interchange
Change an X-axis command into a Y-axis command
Change a Y-axis command into an X-axis command
Change a Z-axis command into a Z-axis command
Coordinates assumed by
the program command
Coordinates after
axis interchange
Start position
Start position
2 The drilling axis in a canned cycle or in tool length
compensation and the axis subject to tool length
compensation can be fixed to the Z-axis, using
parameter LXY (bit 4 of No. 6000) and parameter
FXY (bit 0 of No. 6200). Even when these axes are
fixed to the Z-axis, if program address Z is changed
to machine axis x or y using axis interchange, the
drilling axis and the axis subject to tool length
compensation are also changed to x or y.

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