Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 700 -
- Automatic reference position return check
When the automatic reference position return check command (G27) is
issued during synchronous operation, the V axis and Y axis move in
tandem. If both the Y axis and the V axis have reached their respective
reference positions after the movement is complete, the reference
position return complete signals go on. If either axis is not at the
reference position, an alarm is issued. As a rule, command G27 must
be issued in the normal operating mode.
- Specifying the slave axis
When a move command is issued to the slave axis during synchronous
operation, an alarm (PS 0011) is issued.
- Master axis and slave axis
The axis to be used as the master axis is set in parameter No.7702.
- Display of the actual cutting feedrate on the master axis only
It is possible to hide the feedrate on any slave axis on the actual cutting
feedrate display, using the switches on the machine operator’s panel.
Refer to the manual issued by the machine tool builder for details.
- Coordinate system setting
When the command to specify the origin of the workpiece coordinate
system (G92) or of the local coordinate system (G52) or another
command which does not move the tool along an axis is specified as
command Yyyyy for the master axis, the axis to which the command
applies depends on the control mode. When the axes are controlled in
synchronization, the command is applied to the Y-axis. When the slave
axis is independently controlled, the command is applied to the V-axis.
- External deceleration, interlock, and machine lock
When the slave axis is independently controlled, the external
deceleration, interlock, and machine lock signals of only the slave axis
are validated. When the axes are controlled in synchronization, the
identical signals of only the master axis are validated and those of the
slave axis are ignored.
- Pitch error compensation
In synchronous or independent operation, pitch error or backlash
compensation is performed on each of the master and slave axes,
independently of the other axes, according to the settings made for that
- Manual absolute
Turn on (ABS=1) the manual absolute switch during synchronous
operation. If it is off, the slave axis may not move correctly.

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