Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 701 -
- Synchronous deviation compensation
Synchronous deviation compensation cannot be performed. This
would constantly monitor the master axis and a slave axis for any servo
position deviation difference and compensate the servo motor of the
slave axis to reduce the difference.
- Manual reference position return
Manual return to the reference position must be executed in the normal
operation mode.
- Plane selection command
Be sure to specify a plane selection code (G17, G18 or G19)
immediately after switching to synchronous operation, single operation,
or normal operation.
The plane selection command is executed together with the command
on the axes to constitute the plane after switching to synchronous,
independent, or normal operation.
- Tool retraction and return
When the X-, Y-, Z-, V-, and W-axes are set as the controlled axes, and
a master-to-slave relationship exists between the Y- and V-axes and Z-
and W-axes during twin table control, the following operations can be
When retraction
displacement is set in
When retraction is
performed manually
G10.6 X_ Y_ Z_
Sets the retraction
displacement for the master
The tool can be retracted
and returned for both the
master and slave axes.
Slave mode G10.6 X_ V_ W_
If the retraction
displacement is set for the
slave axis only, master axis
setting is unnecessary(*2).
Since slave mode is not
supported for manual
operation in the twin table
system, the same
operation as that
performed in normal mode
takes place. (All SYNC
signals are off.)
Normal mode An axis can be specified for
the retraction displacement
set in G10.6.
Normal tool retraction and
return is performed.
*1 Suppose that the retraction displacement in G10.6 is specified in
normal mode.
*2 The axis along which the tool is to be retracted in slave mode is
that axis specified in G10.6. Therefore, if G10.6 Y10. ; is
specified, for example, the tool is retracted along the Y-axis. In
this case, the tool is not retracted along the V-axis.

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