Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 711 -
compensation amount, is specified. When a chopping command is
specified, the feedrate is determined so that the chopping count per unit
time equals the specified count. When the difference between the
displacement of the tool from the upper dead point and the
displacement of the tool from the lower dead point becomes smaller
than the setting of parameter No. 1881, after the start of chopping, the
control unit performs compensation.
When compensation is applied, the chopping axis moves beyond the
specified upper dead point and lower dead point, and the chopping
feedrate increases gradually.
When the difference between the actual machine position and the
specified position becomes smaller than the effective area setting
(parameter No. 1827), the control unit no longer applies compensation,
allowing the tool to continue moving at its current feedrate.
- Mode switching during chopping
If the mode is changed during chopping, chopping does not stop. In
manual mode, the chopping axis cannot be moved manually. It can,
however, be moved manually by means of the manual interrupt.
Point R
Upper dead point
L2 L4 L6
L3 L5
Lower dead point
Displacement between the tool and the upper dead point: L2, L4, L6
Displacement between the tool and the lower dead point:
L1, L3, L5
Compensation starts when:
|L3 - L2| (parameter No.1881)
When the following condition is satisfied, compensation is no longer applied,
and the tool continues to move at its current feedrate:
|L6| effective area setting @(parameter No.1827)

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