Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 712 -
- Reset during chopping
When a reset is performed during chopping, the tool immediately
moves to point R, after which chopping mode is canceled.
If an emergency stop or servo alarm occurs during chopping, mode is
canceled, and the tool stops immediately.
- Stopping chopping
The following table lists the operations and commands that can be used
to stop chopping, the positions at which chopping stops, and the
operation performed after chopping stops:
Operation/command Stop position Operation after
chopping stops
G80 Point R Canceled
Chopping start switch
The tool moves to the
lower dead point, then
to point R.
Chopping half switch
Point R Restart after chopping
half switch goes OFF
Reset Point R Canceled
Emergency stop The tool stops
Servo alarm The tool stops
(*) For details, see the manual provided by the machine tool builder.
- Single block signal
Even if the single block signal SBK is input during chopping, chopping
continues without stopping.
- Move command during chopping
If, during chopping, an attempt is made to execute a move command on
the chopping axis, a P/S alarm (PS472) is issued.
- Canned cycle
Canned cycle commands cannot be executed during chopping.
- Cutter compensation
The chopping command (G81.1) and the cancel command (G80)
suppress buffering (read-ahead). If, therefore, these commands are
executed in cutter compensation mode, compensation vectors may be
created differently.
- Three-dimensional coordinate conversion
This function is not effective in three-dimensional coordinate
conversion mode. Before starting this function, therefore, cancel
three-dimensional coordinate system conversion mode.

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