Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 718 -
- Synchronous control and twin table control
Of the parallel axes with the same axis name, that having the smallest
controlled axis number is called the master axis.
Axes other than the master axis are called slave axes.
When synchronous control and twin table control are applied at the
same time, the following restrictions are imposed:
(1) Synchronous control and twin table control cannot be used for
slave parallel axes.
(2) A slave axis subject to synchronous control and twin table control
cannot be used as the master parallel axis.
- Manual operation
Even for parallel axes, manual operation is performed on each of the
axes independently of the others.
The manual numeric command, however, performs parallel operation
in the same way as in automatic operation.
- Cutter compensation
Cutter compensation cannot be applied to a single parallel axis
independently of the others. Compensation is applied to all parallel
axes in the same way.
1 The independent signals for each axis (such as over
travel and interlock signals) are effective for that axis
only, even if the axis is a parallel axis.
2 The following commands are not effective for
parked axes:
(Example) G92, G52, G53, G92.1, G10
Coordinate origin/preset operations on the
position display screen
3 To perform circular or cutter compensation, set the
basic coordinate system for each axis, using
parameter No. 1022. Set the same basic coordinate
system for parallel axes.
(Example) For parallel X axes X
and X
, set 1 for
parameter No. 1022 for both axes.

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