Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 723 -
19.9 ELECTRONIC GEAR BOX (G80, G81, G80.5, G81.5)
The Electronic Gear Box is a function for rotating a workpiece in sync
with a rotating tool, or to move a tool in sync with a rotating workpiece.
With this function, the high-precision machining of gears, threads, and
the like can be implemented. A desired synchronization ratio can be
programmed. Up to two sets of axes can be synchronized. A gear
grinding machine can be controlled, for instance, by using one axis for
rotating the workpiece in sync with the tool and another axis for
performing dressing in sync with the tool.
The specification method differs depending on the configuration of the
machine. For details, refer to the manual supplied by the machine tool
The Electronic Gear Box is hereafter referred to as the EGB function.

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