Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 733 -
- Command specification for hobbing machines
Based on the controlled axis configuration described in Section 19.9.5,
the sample program below sets the C-axis (in parameter 5995) for
starting synchronization with the spindle according to the command
specification method for hobbing machines.
O1234 ;
N01 G81 T20 L1 ; Starts synchronization with the spindle and C-axis at the ratio of a 1/20
rotation about the C-axis to one spindle rotation.
N02 Mxx S300 ; Rotates the spindle at 300 min
N03 X... F... ; Makes a movement along the X-axis (for cutting).
N04 Y... F... ; Makes a movement along the Y-axis (for grinding). Axes such as the
C-axis, X-axis, and Y-axis can be specified as required.
N05 X... F... ; Makes a movement along the X-axis (for retraction).
N06 Mzz ; Stops the spindle.
N07 G80 ; Cancels the synchronization between the spindle and C-axis.

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