Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 739 -
19.9.6 Retract Function
- Retract function by an external signal
When the retract switch on the machine operators panel is turned on,
retraction and feedrate are made by the amount specified in parameter
7796 and 7795. When the retract amount is set to 0 for an axis, no
movement is made on that axis.
For details of the retract switch, refer to the manual supplied by the
machine tool builder.
- Retraction upon a servo/spindle alarm
If a CNC alarm is output upon the occurrence of an error on the servo
axis or spindle, retraction is made according to the direction and
feedrate specified in the parameters 7796 and 7795.
This function prevents the tool or workpiece from being damaged in the
event of a servo alarm.
1 Feed hold cannot be applied to retraction.
2 In this case, the feedrate override capability is
1 When the retract signal goes on during automatic
operation, retract operation is performed, and
automatic operation is stopped.
2 Automatic operation cannot be performed in
When a cycle is started, this warning is displayed:
3 Retraction is performed on the basis of positioning by
linear interpolation.
4 Servo position control stops 400 milliseconds after
retraction by a servo alarm.

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