Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 743 -
2. Canceling synchronization
Deceleration starts according to the acceleration rate set in the
parameter (No. 7729).
The automatic phase matching speed is specified in
parameter 5984 while the travel direction is specified in
the PHD bit (bit 1 of parameter 7712).
In phase synchronization, rapid traverse linear
acceleration/deceleration is performed(time constant is
set by parameter No.1620).The speed in the workpiece
axis is determined by superimposing the automatic
phase synchronization speed on the speed synchronism
with the spindle rotation. Specify the limit of position
deviation in parameter 1828 to allow for superimposing.
1 In automatic phase synchronization, the reference
position used for phase synchronization for the
workpiece axis can be shifted from the one-rotation
signal position by parameter setting (data No. 5985).
2 When a synchronization command is next issued while
the synchronous state is set, automatic phase
synchronization causes workpiece axis motion such that
the spindle one-rotation signal matches the same
workpiece axis position as that when the previous
G81R2 synchronization start command was executed.
3 In automatic phase synchronization, the workpiece axis
is moved in the parameter-set phase synchronization
move direction to the phase position nearest to the
current position.
4 The acceleration/deceleration performed at
synchronization start and cancellation is linear.
5 Acceleration/deceleration and automatic phase
synchronization can be performed by setting the
appropriate parameter (No. 7712#0, PHS). In this case,
the R2 command need not be specified in either block
G81 or G80.
6 When synchronization is canceled automatically as a
result of any of the following, deceleration is performed,
after which synchronization is canceled:
1) Reset
3) IO alarm
7 Set the flexible feed gear value for the dummy axis to 1/1.

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