Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 745 -
This function validates a skip signal or high-speed skip signal (both
referred to as the skip signal) for the EGB slave axis in the
synchronization mode set by the EGB (Electronic Gear Box) function.
This function has these features.
1. The block with this function is not interrupted until the skip signal
input has been counted to the commanded times.
2. The movement by synchronization of EGB axis is not stopped by
skip signal input.
3. The value of machine coordinate is stored in the commanded
variable of custom macro when the skip signal is input. And the
total number of times of skip signal inputs is stored in other
commanded variable.
G81 T_ L_ ; (EGB mode on)
G31.8 G91 α0 P_ Q_ ( R_ ) ; (EGB skip command)
α : EGB axis.
P : The top number of custom macro variables in which the
value of machine coordinate is set when skip signal is
Q : The total times of skip signal input during execution of the
block with G31.8. (range of command value : 1900)
R : The number of custom macro variable in which the total
number of times of skip signal inputs is set. This data is
usually the same with the data of the variable specified by
Q. Therefore this is not necessarily specified. Specify R
when the total number of times of skip signal inputs should
be confirmed.
G31.8 is an one- shot G code.
After the execution of G31.8, values of machine coordinate which are
gotten at every time of skip signal input are set in custom macro
variables. The numbers of variables are used from the top number
commanded by P to the number added with the amount of times
commanded by Q.
And the total times of skip signal input is set in custom macro variable
whose number is commanded by R.
G81 T200 L2 ; (EGB mode on)
X ;
Z ;
G31.8 G91 A0 P500 Q200 R1 ; (EGB skip command)

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