Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 746 -
After 200 times of skip signal inputs, 200 skip positions of A axis
corresponding to each skip signal input are set in the custom macro
variables whose numbers are from 500 to 699. And the times of skip
signal input is set in the custom macro variable whose number is 1 and
whose value is 200.
1 In this block, only one axis should be commanded for
EGB axis. If no axis is commanded or, 2 or more axes
are commanded, an alarm (PS152) will occur.
2 If P is not commanded in this block, an alarm (PS152)
will occur.
3 If R is not commanded in this block, the times of skip
signal input is not set in the custom macro variable.
4 The numbers of custom macro variables commanded
by P or R should be specified within usable numbers.
If the number is specified without usable number, an
alarm (PS114) will occur. And when variables
become lacking, an alarm (PS114) will occur.
5 Whether this function uses the conventional skip
signal or high-speed skip signal is specified in the
HSS bit (bit 4 of parameter 7200). When the high-
speed skip signal is used, the individual high-speed
signal to be used is specified in the 9S1 to 9S4 bits
(bits 0 to 3 of parameter 7210).
6 If the EGB master axis is a controlled axis other than
the spindle, the master axis must be a travel axis
under PMC axis control.
7 The skip position is determined by the value
calculated from the feedback pulse of the machine.
The value indicates the machine position.
Compensation based on a position error or servo time
constant (loop gain) is not performed.
Number Message Contents
PS0114 VARIABLE NO. OUT OF RANGE An illegal No. was specified in a local variable, common
variable or a system variable in a custom macro.
A non-existent custom macro variable No. was specified in
the EGB axis skip function (G31.8), or there are not enough
custom macro variables for storing the skip position.
PS0152 G31.9/G31.8 FORMAT ERROR The format of the G31.9 or G31.8 block is erroneous in the
following cases:
- The axis was not specified in the G31.9 or G31.8 block.
- Multiple axes were specified in the G31.9 or G31.8 block.
- The P code was specified in the G31.9 or G31.8 block.

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