Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 749 -
- Repositioning
When the cycle start button is pressed while the tool is in the retraction
position, the tool moves to the position where the TOOL WITHDRAW
switch was turned on. This operation is called repositioning. Upon
completion of repositioning, the TOOL BEING WITHDRAWN LED is
turned off, indicating that the tool withdrawal mode has terminated.
Operation after completion of repositioning depends on the automatic
operation state when the tool withdrawal mode is set.
(1) When the tool withdrawal mode is set during automatic operation,
operation is resumed after completion of repositioning.
(2) When the tool withdrawal mode is set when automatic operation is
held or stopped, the original automatic operation hold or stop state
is set after completion of repositioning. When the cycle start
button is pressed again, automatic operation is resumed.
- offset
If the origin, presetting, or workpiece origin offset value (or External
workpiece origin offset value) is changed after retraction is specified
with G10.6 in absolute mode, the change is not reflected in the
retraction position. After such changes are made, the retraction position
must be respecified with G10.6.
When the tool is damaged, automatic operation can be interrupted with
a tool withdrawal and return operation in order to replace the tool. Note
that if the tool offset value is changed after tool replacement, the change
is ignored when automatic operation is resumed from the start point or
other point in the interrupted block.
- Machine lock, mirror image, and scaling
When withdrawing the tool manually in the tool withdrawal mode,
never use the machine lock, mirror-image, or scaling function.
- Reset
Upon reset, the retraction data specified in G10.6 is cleared. Retraction
data needs to be specified again.
- Retraction command
The tool withdrawal and return function is enabled even when the
retraction command is not specified. In this case, retraction and
repositioning are not performed.
The retraction axis and retraction distance specified
in G10.6 need to be changed in an appropriate block
according to the figure being machined. Be very
careful when specifying the retraction distance; an
incorrect retraction distance may damage the
workpiece, machine, or tool.

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