Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 751 -
HIGH SPEED HRV mode is disabled under any of the following
conditions, even if an attempt is made to turn it on:
- Automatic operation is stopped
- PMC axis control axis
- Axis on which a chopping operation is in progress
- Axis for which the setup type of the simultaneous auto/manual
operation is selected
1 While automatic operation is stopped, HIGH
SPEED HRV mode is disabled. When automatic
operation is resumed without a reset, the mode is
enabled again.
If a reset is performed, HIGH SPEED HRV mode
remains disabled until G5.4Q1 is issued.
2 If the servo is in the HIGH SPEED HRV disabled
state (as determined with the status of the servo
software, servo control card, servo amplifier, and
Separate Detector I/F Unit), issuing G05.4Q1
causes "PS0010 invalid G code" alarm to be issued.
To determine whether HIGH SPEED HRV is
enabled, check bit 1 (HIGH SPEED HRVOK) of the
following numbers displayed on the diagnosis
First axis: Number 3022
Second axis: Number 3042
Third axis: Number 3062
(n-th axis: 3022 + 20 x (n - 1 j

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