Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

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Polar coordinate interpolation is a function that exercises contour control
in converting a command programmed in a Cartesian coordinate system
to the movement of a linear axis (movement of a tool) and the movement
of a rotary axis (rotation of a workpiece). This function is useful for
grinding a cam shaft.
G12.1; Starts polar coordinate interpolation mode
(enables polar coordinate interpolation)
Specify linear or circular interpolation using
coordinates in a Cartesian coordinate system
consisting of a linear axis and rotary axis
(virtual axis).
G13.1 Polar coordinate interpolation mode is
cancelled (for not performing polar
coordinate interpolation)
Specify G12.1 and G13.1 in Separate Blocks.
- Polar coordinate interpolation plane
G12.1 starts the polar coordinate interpolation mode and selects a polar
coordinate interpolation plane (Fig.4.8 (a)). Polar coordinate
interpolation is performed on this plane.
Fig.4.8 (a) Polar coordinate interpolation plane.
When the power is turned on or the system is reset, polar coordinate
interpolation is canceled (G13.1).
The linear and rotation axes for polar coordinate interpolation must be
set in parameters (No. 1032 and 1033) beforehand.
Rotary axis (virtual axis)
(unit : mm or inch)
Linear axis
(unit : mm or inch)
Origin of the local coordinate system (G52 command)
(Or origin of the workpiece coordinate system)

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