Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

6.Stroke check
After switching on the power, perform a manual reference position return as required. Stroke check is
not possible before manual reference position return is performed. Note that when stroke check is
disabled, an alarm is not issued even if a stroke limit is exceeded, possibly damaging the tool, the
machine itself, the workpiece, or causing injury to the user.
7. Tool post interference check
A tool post interference check is performed based on the tool data specified during automatic operation.
If the tool specification does not match the tool actually being used, the interference check cannot be
made correctly, possibly damaging the tool or the machine itself, or causing injury to the user.
After switching on the power, or after selecting a tool post manually, always start automatic operation
and specify the tool number of the tool to be used.
8. Absolute/incremental mode
If a program created with absolute values is run in incremental mode, or vice versa, the machine may
behave unexpectedly.
9.Plane selection
If an incorrect plane is specified for circular interpolation, helical interpolation, or a canned cycle, the
machine may behave unexpectedly. Refer to the descriptions of the respective functions for details.
10.Torque limit skip
Before attempting a torque limit skip, apply the torque limit. If a torque limit skip is specified without
the torque limit actually being applied, a move command will be executed without performing a skip.
11.Programmable mirror image
Note that programmed operations vary considerably when a programmable mirror image is enabled.
12.Compensation function
If a command based on the machine coordinate system or a reference position return command is issued
in compensation function mode, compensation is temporarily canceled, resulting in the unexpected
behavior of the machine.
Before issuing any of the above commands, therefore, always cancel compensation function mode.

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