Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 788 -
Number Message Contents
PS0160 COMMAND DATA OVERFLOW An overflow occurred in the storage length of the CNC
internal data.
This alarm is also generated when the result of internal
calculation of scaling, coordinate rotation and cylindrical
interpolation overflows the data storage. It also is
generated during input of the manual intervention amount.
PS0180 ALL PARALLEL AXES IN PARKING All of the axis specified for automatic operation are parked.
PS0181 ZERO RETURN NOT FINISHED A move instruction was issued to an axis in which the zero
return instruction was instructed once after the power was
turned ON.
Execute operation after zero return by manual operation or
the G28 code.
This alarm can be suppressed for the machine-locked axis
by setting parameter No. 1200#6 is set to "1".
PS0182 CIRCLE CUT IN RAPID (F0) F0 (rapid traverse in inverse feed or feed specified by an F
code with 1-digit number) was specified during circular
interpolation (G02, G03) or involute interpolation (G02.2,
PS0183 TOO MANY SIMULTANEOUS AXES A move command was specified for more axes than can be
controlled by simultaneous axis control.
Either add on the simultaneous axis control extension
option, or divide the number of programmed move axes
into two blocks.
PS0184 TOO LARGE DISTANCE Due to compensation, point of intersection calculation,
interpolation or similar reasons, a movement distance that
exceeds the maximum permissible distance was specified.
Check the programmed coordinates or compensation
The axis specified in G27 has not returned to zero.
Reprogram so that the axis returns to zero.
PS0186 ILLEGAL PLANE SELECT The plane selection instructions G17 to G19 are in error.
Reprogram so that same 3 basic parallel axes are not
specified simultaneously.
This alarm is also generated when an axis that should not
be specified for plane machining is specified, for example,
for circular interpolation or involute interpolation.
To enable programming of 3 or more axes, the helical
interpolation option must be added to each of the relevant
PS0187 FEED ZERO ( COMMAND ) The cutting feedrate instructed by an F code has been set
to 0.
This alarm is also generated if the F code instructed for the
S code is set extremely small in a rigid tapping instruction
as the tool cannot cut at the programmed lead.
PS0188 PARAMETER ZERO (DRY RUN) The dry run feedrate parameter No. 1410 or maximum
cutting feedrate parameter No. 1422 for each axis has been
set to 0.
PS0190 PARAMETER ZERO (CUT MAX) The maximum cutting feedrate parameter No. 1422 has
been set to 0.
PS0191 OVER TOLERANCE OF RADIUS An arc was specified for which the difference in the radius
at the start and end points exceeds the value set in
parameter No. 2410.
Check arc center codes I, J and K in the program.
The tool path when parameter No. 2410 is set to a large
value is spiral.
PS0193 ILLEGAL OFFSET NUMBER An illegal offset No. was specified.
This alarm is also generated when the tool shape offset No.
exceeds the maximum number of tool offset sets in the
case of tool offset memory B.

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