Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 789 -
Number Message Contents
PS0194 ZERO RETURN END NOT ON REF The axis specified in automatic zero return was not at the
correct zero point when positioning was completed.
Perform zero return from a point whose distance from the
zero return start position to the zero point is 2 or more
revolutions of the motor.
Other probable causes are:
- The positional deviation after triggering the deceleration
dog is less than 128.
- Insufficient voltage or malfunctioning pulse coder.
PS0195 ILLEGAL AXIS SELECTED (G96) An illegal value was specified in P in a G96 block or
parameter No. 5844.
PS0196 ILLEGAL DRILLING AXIS SELECTED An illegal axis was specified for drilling in a canned cycle for
If the zero point of the drilling axis is not specified or parallel
axes are specified in a block containing a G code in a
canned cycle, simultaneously specify the parallel axes for
the drilling axis.
The grid position could not be calculated during grid
reference position return using the grid system as the
one-revolution signal was not received before leaving the
deceleration dog.
This alarm is also generated when the tool does not reach a
feedrate that exceeds the servo error amount preset to
parameter No. 1841 before the deceleration limit switch is
left (deceleration signal *DEC returns to "1").
PS0202 NO F COMMAND AT G93 F codes in the inverse time specification mode (G93) are
not handled as modal, and must be specified in individual
PS0213 ILLEGAL USE OF G12.1/G13.1 The axis No. of plane selection parameter No. 1032 (linear
axis) and No. 1033 (axis of rotation) in the polar coordinate
interpolation mode is out of range (1 to number of
controlled axes).
PS0214 ILLEGAL USE OF G-CODE The modal G code group contains an illegal G code in the
polar coordinate interpolation mode or when a mode was
Only the following G codes are allowed:
G40, G50, G69.1
An illegal G code was specified while in the polar
coordinate interpolation mode.
The following C codes are not allowed:
G27, G28, G30, G30.1, G31 to G31.4, G37 to G387.3, G52,
G92, G53, G17 to G19, G81 to G89, G68
In the 01 group, G codes other than G01, G02, G03, G02.2
and G03.2 cannot be specified.
PS0215 ILLEGAL COMMAND IN G10.6 The retract command was specified in the long axis for
threading when retract was started by the threading block.
PS0217 ILLEGAL OFFSET VALUE Illegal offset No.
PS0223 ILLEGAL SPINDLE SELECT An attempt was made to execute an instruction that uses
the spindle although the spindle to be controlled has not
been set correctly.
An attempt was made to execute the cutter compensation
startup or cancel block in the circular interpolation mode or
involute interpolation mode.
PS0271 CRC:PLANE CHANGE An attempt was made to change the plane in the cutter
compensation mode.
To change the plane, cancel the cutter compensation

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