Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 792 -
Number Message Contents
The measurement position arrival signal became "1" before
or after the area specified by parameter No. 7331 in
automatic tool length measurement (G37).
PS0421 SETTING COMMAND ERROR The instruction for setting tool data (G10L70 to G11,
G10L71 to G11) is in error.
PS0422 NOT FOUND TOOL DATA The specified tool No., pot No. , for the tool No. , tool length
compensation data, and cutter compensation data has not
been set.
PS0423 TOOL DATA WRITE ERROR Writing occurred simultaneously on tool set data by a tool
PS0424 OVER MAXIMUM TOOL DATA An attempt was made to set tool data exceeding the
maximum number of tool data sets.
Tool data cannot be deleted.
PS0429 MISSING VALUE AT CNR,CHF The specified movement distance is less than the specified
chamfering or corner rounding amount in a block in which
chamfering or corner rounding is specified.
Review the program instructions.
PS0431 MISSING MOVE AFTER CNR,CHF The move direction or distance in the block following the
block in which chamfering or cornering is specified is
Review the program instructions.
PS0437 ILLEGAL LIFE GROUP NUMBER A tool group number exceeded the maximum value.
The tool group No. (P after G10 L3:) or the group No.
assigned by the T code instruction for tool life management
in the machining program exceeded the maximum value.
PS0438 GROUP NOT FOUND AT LIFE DATA A tool group specified in the machining program was not
set in the tool life management data.
PS0439 OVER MAXIMUM TOOL NUMBER The number of tool specified in a single tool group exceeds
the maximum allowed number.
PS0440 T COMMAND NOT FOUND No T command was specified in a program which sets a
tool group.
The same block as M06 in the machining program does not
contain a T command in tool change method D (parameters
CT2=2, CT1=1: No. 7401#1/#0).
PS0441 NOT USING TOOL IN LIFE GROUP An H99 instruction, D99 instruction or the H/D code
specified in parameters (No. 7443, 7444) has been
specified even though no tool that belongs to a group was
being used.
PS0442 ILLEGAL T COMMAND AT M06 The tool group of the tool specified in the tool instruction
(return tool group) after the M06 instruction in the
machining program does not match the current tool group
in tool change method A (parameters CT2=0, CT1=0: No.
This alarm can be suppressed by setting ABT parameter
No. 7400#6 to "1".
PS0443 P,L COMMAND NOT FOUND No P (group No. ) or L (tool life) was specified at the
beginning of a program that sets a tool group when tool
data in a group was being loaded during loading tool life
management data.
PS0444 OVER MAXIMUM LIFE GROUP The number of blocks in which P (group No. ) or L (tool life)
is instructed exceeding the maximum number of groups
was found while loading tool life management data.
PS0445 ILLEGAL L COMMAND An illegal range instructed in the L (tool life) instruction was
found while loading tool life management data.
PS0446 ILLEGAL H,D,T COMMAND A value specified by T (tool No. ), D (cutter compensation
No. ) or H (tool length compensation No. ) exceeding the
maximum value was found while loading tool life
management data.
PS0448 ILLEGAL FORMAT AT LIFE DATA An illegal address was specified in a program (G10 L3: to
G11;) that sets a tool group.
Allowable addresses are P (group No. ), L (tool life) and T
(tool No. ).

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