Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 795 -
Number Message Contents
PS0592 END OF RECORD The EOR (End of Record) code is specified in the middle of
a block.
This alarm is also generated when the percentage at the
end of the NC program is read.
PS0593 EGB PARAMETER SETTING ERROR Erroneous EGB parameter setting
(1) The setting of SYN parameter No. 1955#0 is incorrect.
(2) The slave axes set by the G81 code are not set to rotary
axes. (ROT and ROS parameter Nos. 1006#0, #1)
(3) The number of pulses (parameter Nos. 5596, 5597) per
rotation is not set.
(4) Parameter No. 5995 is not set by the hobbing machine
compatible instruction.
PS0594 EGB FORMAT ERROR Format error in the block in which EGB was specified
(1) Nothing is specified to the master axis or slave axes in
the G81.5 block.
(2) Out of range data is specified to the master axis or slave
axes in the G81.5 block.
(3) Number of threads T is not specified in the G81 block.
(4) Out of range data is specified by one of T, L, P or Q
codes in the G81 block.
(5) Only one of P or Q codes is specified in the G81 block.
PS0595 ILL-COMMAND IN EGB MODE An illegal instruction was issued during synchronization by
(1) Slave axis was specified by G27, G28, G29, G30,
G30.1, G33 and G53 G codes.
(2) Inch/metric conversion was specified by G20 or G21 G
PS0596 EGB OVERFLOW An overflow occurred during calculation of the
synchronization coefficient.
PS0597 EGB AUTO PHASE FORMAT ERROR Format error in block in which G80 or G81 was specified by
EGB automatic phase alignment
(1) R is data outside of the instruction range.
Erroneous parameter settings relating to EGB automatic
phase alignment
(1) The acceleration/deceleration parameter is invalid.
(2) The automatic phase alignment parameter is invalid.
PS0610 ILLEGAL G07.1 AXIS An axis which cannot perform cylindrical interpolation was
More than one axis was specified in a G07.1 block. An
attempt was made to cancel cylindrical interpolation for an
axis that was not in the cylindrical interpolation mode.
For the cylindrical interpolation axis, set not "0" but one of
5, 6 or 7 (parallel axis specification) to parameter No. 1022
to instruct the arc with axis of rotation (ROT parameter No.
1006#1 is set to "1" and parameter No. 1260 is set) ON.
PS0611 ILLEGAL G-CODE USE(G07.1 MODE) A G code was specified that cannot be specified in the
cylindrical interpolation mode.
This alarm also is generated when an 01 group G code was
in the G00 mode or code G00 was instructed.
Cancel the cylindrical interpolation mode before instructing
code G00.
The P data for selecting the compensation center in
grinding wheel wear compensation is illegal.
A compensation axis has been changed in grinding wheel
wear compensation mode or compensation vector
maintenance mode. Alternatively, the settings in
parameter Nos. 6056 and 6057 that determine the target
axes for grinding wheel wear compensation are illegal.
PS0625 TOO MANY G68 NESTING 3-dimensional coordinate conversion was specified more
than twice.
Cancel 3-dimensional coordinate conversion before
executing new coordinate conversion.

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