Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 796 -
Number Message Contents
PS0626 G68 FORMAT ERROR There is a format error in the 3-dimensional coordinate
conversion block. The alarm occurs in the following cases:
(1) When I, J or K is missing from the block in which 3-
dimensional coordinate conversion is specified (when the
coordinate rotation option is not available)
(2) When I, J and K specified in the block in which 3-
dimensional coordinate conversion is specified are all "0"
(3) When angle of rotation R is not specified in the block in
which 3-dimensional coordinate conversion is specified
PS0710 ILLEGAL COMMAND IN 3-D CIR In a modal state in which a 3-dimensional circular
interpolation (G02.4 or G03.4) cannot be commanded, an
attempt for such interpolation was made.
An invalid code was commanded while 3-dimensional
circular interpolation mode is in progress.
PS0712 G02.4/G03.4 FORMAT ERROR Three-dimensional circular interpolation (G02.4 or G03.4)
was commanded incorrectly.
G02.4/G03.4 (ABS ON)
While 3-dimensional circular interpolation mode (G02.4 or
G03.4) is in progress, manual operation was performed
with the manual absolute switch turned on.
An attempt was made to specify an illegal command during
I/O processing on an I/O device.
[G30 Zero Return]
The P address Nos. for instructing 2
to 4
position return are each out of the range 2 to 4.
[Single Rotation Dwell]
The specified spindle rotation is "0" when single rotation
dwell is specified.
[3-dimensional Tool Offset]
A G code that cannot be specified was specified in the 3-
dimensional tool offset mode.
Scaling instruction G51, skip cutting G31 and automatic
tool length measurement G37 were specified.
PS0806 DEVICE TYPE MISS MATCH An operation not possible on the I/O device that is currently
selected in the setting was specified.
This alarm is also generated when file rewind is instructed
even though the I/O device is not a FANUC Cassette.
PS0807 PARAMETER SETTING ERROR An I/O interface option that has not yet been added on was
The external I/O device and baud rate, stop bit and protocol
selection settings are erroneous.
PS0808 DEVICE DOUBLE OPENED An attempt was made to open a device that is being
PS0809 ILLEGAL COMMAND IN G41/G42 Specified direction tool length compensation parameters
are incorrect.
A move instruction for a axis of rotation was specified in the
specified direction tool length compensation mode.
The parameter setting that specifies the axis on which to
execute exponential interpolation is incorrect.
Parameter No. 7636: Linear axis No. on which exponential
interpolation is executed
Parameter No. 7637: Rotation axis No. on which
exponential interpolation is executed
The setting is 1 to the number of controlled axes. The same
axis Nos. must not be set.

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