Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 797 -
Number Message Contents
PS0896 ILLEGAL FORMAT IN G02.3/G03.3 The format for specifying exponential interpolation is
Addresses I slope angle, J excessive torsion and setting R
in exponential interpolation are not specified, or are set to
The setting ranges for I and J are -89.0 to +89.0 (excluding
"0"). This alarm is also generated when addresses I and J
are outside of this range.
When CBK parameter No. 7610#7 is set to "0", the linear
axis span value is assigned by parameter No. 7685. When
the CBK parameter is set to "1", the span value is specified
by address K in the G02.3/G03.3 block.
This alarm is also generated when these span values are
PS0897 ILLEGAL COMMAND IN G02.3/G03.3 An illegal value was specified in exponential interpolation.
The natural logarithm parameter fell to less than "0" during
exponential interpolation calculation. Review the
exponential interpolation instruction.
PS0898 ILLEGAL PARAMETER IN G54.2 An illegal parameter (Nos. 6068 to 6076) was specified for
fixture offset.
PS0899 ILLEGAL PARAMETER IN G43.2 An illegal parameter was specified for dynamic tool offset.
Set the controlled axis number in order from the 1st to the
3rd set in parameter Nos. 6059 to 6067. If setting up to the
3rd set is not required. set parameter No. 6065 to "0".
PS0900 G72.1 NESTING ERROR G72.1 was specified again during G72.1 rotation copying.
PS0901 G72.2 NESTING ERROR G72.2 was specified again during G72.2 parallel copying.
PS0935 ILLEGAL FORMAT IN G02.2/G03.2 The end point of an involute curve on the currently selected
plane, or the center coordinate instruction I, J or K of the
corresponding basic circle, or basic circle radius R was not
PS0936 ILLEGAL COMMAND IN G02.2/G03.2 An illegal value was specified in the involute curve.
The coordinate instruction I, J or K of the basic circle on the
currently selected plane or the basic circle radius R is "0",
or the start and end points are not inside the basic circle.
PS0937 OVER TOLERANCE OF END POINT The end point is not positioned on the involute curve that
passes through the start point, and this error exceeds the
permissible error limit (parameter No. 2510).
PS0990 SPL:ILLEGAL AXIS COMMAND An illegal axis was specified for spline interpolation or
smooth interpolation.
This alarm is also generated when an axis other than those
used for spline interpolation is specified. An "axis used for
spline interpolation" refers to the axis specified in the block
following the block in which the G06.1 G code is specified.
When smooth interpolation is executed, the axis specified
by the G5.1Q2 G code is illegal.
PS0991 SPL:ILLEGAL COMMAND A G06.1 code was specified in a G code mode in which the
instruction is not supported.
PS0992 SPL:ILLEGAL AXIS MOVING Movement was specified for an axis other than those used
for spline interpolation.
This alarm is also generated, for example, when movement
is specified along the Z-axis when spline interpolation
along the 2 axes, X and Y, is executed in the 3-dimensional
tool offset mode in which the 3 axes, X, Y and Z, are set as
the offset vector components.
PS0993 SPL:CANT MAKE VECTOR A 3-dimensional tool offset vector cannot be generated.
- In generation of the 3-dimensional tool offset vector from
P2 onwards, the previous point and the following point are
on the same line, and that line is parallel with the 3-
dimensional tool offset vector for the previous point.
- The end point and the 2 previous point are the same in
generation of the 3-dimensional tool offset vector by the
end point for smooth interpolation and spline interpolation.

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