Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 801 -
Number Message Contents
SR0125 ILLEGAL EXPRESSION FORMAT The description of the custom macro statement is
The format of the parameter data is erroneous.
SR0160 COMMAND DATA OVERFLOW An overflow in the CNC internal positional data occurred.
This error is also generated when the target position
exceeds the maximum stroke as a result of calculating
coordinate conversion, offset and manual intervention
compensation inputs.
SR0421 SETTING COMMAND ERROR The specified tool data setting (G10 L70 to G11, G10 L71 to
G11) is erroneous.
SR0422 NOT FOUND TOOL DATA The tool No. (pot No. ) to which tool data delete was
specified cannot be found.
SR0423 TOOL DATA WRITE ERROR A write error occurred simultaneously on tool offset data by
a tool No.
SR0424 OVER MAXIMUM TOOL DATA An attempt was made to set tool data that exceeds the
maximum number of tool data sets.
An attempt was made to delete currently selected tool data.
SR0580 ENCODE ALARM (PSWD&KEY) When an attempt was made to read a program, the
specified password did not match the password on the tape
and the password on tape was not equal to 0.
When an attempt was made to punch an encrypted tape,
the password was not in the range 0 to 99999999.
The password parameter is No. 2210.
SR0581 ENCODE ALARM (PARAMETER) When an attempt was made to punch an encrypted tape,
the punch code parameter was set to EIA. Set EIA
parameter No. 0#4 to "0".
An incorrect instruction was specified for program
encryption or protection. This alarm is also generated when
the protected range is edited or deleted in a program-
locked state.
The protected range is defined from the program No. preset
by parameter No. 2212 up to the program No. preset to
parameter No. 2213. When both parameters are set to "0",
the protected range becomes O9000 to O9999.
SR0590 TH ERROR A TH error was detected during reading from an input
The read code that caused the TH error and how many
statements it is from the block can be verified in the
diagnostics screen.
SR0591 TV ERROR An error was detected during the single-block TV error.
The TV check can be suppressed by setting TVC
parameter No. 0000#0 to "0".
SR0592 END OF RECORD The EOR (End of Record) code is specified in the middle of
a block.
This alarm is also generated when the percentage at the
end of the NC program is read.
This alarm is also generated when the specified block is not
found by the program restart function.
SR0600 PARAMETER OF RESTART ERROR An illegal value is set to parameter No. 7110 that specifies
the order in which axes move when machining is restarted
in the dry run.
The setting range is 1 to the number of controlled axes.
SR0805 ILLEGAL COMMAND An attempt was made to specify an illegal command during
I/O processing on an I/O device.
SR0806 DEVICE TYPE MISS MATCH An operation not possible on the I/O device that is currently
selected in the setting was specified.
This alarm is also generated when file rewind is instructed
even though the I/O device is not a FANUC Cassette.

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