Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 63 -
The amount of travel of a rotary axis specified by an angle is once
internally converted to a distance of a linear axis along the outer
surface so that linear interpolation or circular interpolation can be
performed with another axis. After interpolation, such a distance is
converted back to the amount of travel of the rotary axis.
The cylindrical interpolation function allows the side of a cylinder to
be developed for programming. So programs such as a program for
cylindrical cam grooving can be created very easily.
G07.1 IPr ; Starts the cylindrical interpolation
: mode
: (enables cylindrical interpolation).
G07.1 IP0 ; The cylindrical interpolation mode is
IP : An address for the rotation axis
r : The radius of the cylinder
Specify G07.1 IPr ; and G07.1 IP0; in separate blocks.
G107 can be used instead of G07.1.
- Plane selection (G17,G18,G19)
Use parameter (No. 1022) to specify whether the rotation axis is the X-,
Y-, or Z-axis, or an axis parallel to one of these axes. Specify the G
code to select a plane for which the rotation axis is the specified linear
For example, when the rotation axis is an axis parallel to the X-axis,
G17 must specify an Xp-Yp plane, which is a plane defined by the
rotation axis and the Y-axis or an axis parallel to the Y-axis.
Only one rotation axis can be set for cylindrical interpolation.
- Feedrate
A feedrate specified in the cylindrical interpolation mode is a speed on
the developed cylindrical surface.

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