FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Connection Manual (Hardware)

Manuals related to the Series 16, 1
Matrix DI, 92
Matrix DO, 96
Mounting and dismounting modules, 74
Mounting the terminal block, 81
Multi–points connection, 189
Noise suppressor, 26
Notes on connecting the ground systems, 24
Notes on selecting the spark killer, 26
Number of DI/DO points, 86
Number of points for I/O unit–MODEL A, 85
OT release, 100
Output signal PMCMT, 143, 157
Output signal connector pin layout for sink output type I/O
card, 139
Output signal connector pin layout for source output type I/O
card, 151
Output signal regulations for operators panel connection unit,
Output signal specifications, 145
Output signal specifications for source output type connection
unit, 116
PCR connector (soldering type), 262
PDP/MDI unit, 239
Pendant type manual pulse generator, 251
PMC addresses, 101
Portable tape reader connection, 178
Portable tape reader with reels, 256
Portable tape reader without reels, 255
Position coder, 249
Position coder interface, 199
Power ON/OFF control signal, 100
Power receptacle for portable tape reader, 282
Power supply for the control unit, 63
Power supply unit connection, 56, 59
Power supply unit panel layout, 57
PPR connection, 177
Procedure for replacing the battery, 35
Procedure for turning off the power, 65
Procedure for turning on the power, 65
Product name, 1
Punch panel (Narrow width type), 254
Punch panel (wide width type), 253
Reader puncher connector metal fitting for lock, 281
Reader puncher panel connector, 281
Receiver input signal specifications for high–speed DI signals,
Related manuals, 1
Relative humidity, 5
Remote buffer interface (RS–232–C), 185
Remote buffer interface (RS–422), 187
Replacing the battery, 35
Required tools for Connection of cable connector, 284
Room temperature, 5
RS–232–C serial port, 176
Separate type 9 PDP unit, 236
Separate type 7.2 LCD unit, 240
Separate type 8.4 LCD unit, 241
Separate type 9.5 MDI unit (for LCD, horizontal), 247
Separate type 9.5 MDI unit (for LCD, vertical), 248
Separate type 9 CRT unit (color), 233
Separate type 9 CRT unit (monochrome), 232
Separate type 9 PDP unit (for CE marking), 237
Separate type detector interface, 206
Separate type MDI unit (small type), 234
Separate type MDI unit (standard), 235
Separating signal Lines, 22
Serial pulse coder interface, 202
Serial spindle interface, 195
Servo amplifier interface ( series servo amplifier), 201
Servo interface, 200
Signal assignment, 89
Signal specifications for manual pulse generator, 184
Source output I/O card, 145
Specifications of the output signals of the I/O card (Sink type),
Spindle interface, 194
State of the LEDs on the machine operators panel interface
unit, 102
Structure of FANUC I/O unit–MODEL A, 73
System configuration, 88
Tape reader with reels, 258
Tape reader without reels (serial interface), 257
Temperature rise within the cabinet, 8

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