FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C Connection Manual (Hardware)

(b)Alarm input (AL and OFF)
Receives an alarm signal from outside the control unit to turn off
the power to the system. Input a contact signal which is closed
when an alarm occurs.
(Contact specifications)
Withstand voltage: 30 VDC or more (between the contacts)
Withstand current: 100 mA or more (The minimum load is 1
mA or less.)
(c) Alarm output (FA and FB)
Shorts FA and FB when an abnormality is found in the power
supply unit for the control unit, for example, when the fuse for
direct current output blows or when an excessive voltage or current
is detected at the direct current output. When an alarm input
(between AL and OFF) is closed, FA and FB are also shorted. This
signal is held until the power–off button is pressed or the input
power (AC input of the power supply unit) is turned off. When this
signal is output, the power to the control unit is turned off and the
power–on button is disables.
(Contact ratings) 50 VDC or less
0.5 A or less
50 VAC or less
5 VA or less
The connector for the +24 VDC power output for the 9 monochrome
The connector for the +24 VDC power output for the machine
interface I/O (connection unit, operators panel connection unit, etc.).
The DC output supplied from CP6 is up to 3 A.

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