FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

In turning, the spindle connected to the spindle motor is rotated at a certain
speed to rotate the workpiece mounted on the spindle. The spindle
positioning function turns the spindle connected to the spindle motor by
a certain angle to position the workpiece mounted on the spindle at a
certain angle. The spindle is positioned about the C–axis.
The spindle positioning function involves the following three operations:
1. Canceling the spindle rotation mode and entering the spindle
positioning mode (spindle orientation)
2. Positioning the spindle in the spindle positioning mode
3. Canceling the spindle positioning mode, and entering the spindle
rotation mode
When spindle positioning is first performed after the spindle motor is used
for normal spindle operation, or when spindle positioning is interrupted,
the spindle orientation is required.
Orientation permits the spindle to stop at a predetermined position.
Orientation is directed by the M code set in parameter No. 4960. The
direction of orientation can be set with a parameter. For the analog
spindle, the direction is set in ZMIx (bit 5 of parameter 1006).
For the serial spindle, it is set in RETRN (bit 5 of parameter 4005).
The spindle can be positioned with an arbitrary angle or semi–fixed angle.
Address M is followed by a 2–digit numeric. The specifiable value may
be one of the six values from Mα to M(α+5). Value α must be set in
parameter No. 4962 beforehand. The positioning angles corresponding
to Mα to M(α+5) are listed below. Value β must be set in parameter No.
4963 beforehand.
M–code Positioning angle (Ex.)β=30,
Mα β 30,
M(α+1) 2β 60,
M(α+2) 3β 90,
M(α+3) 4β 120,
M(α+4) 5β 150,
M(α+5) 6β 180,
Specify the command with incremental values. The direction of rotation
can be specified in parameter IDM (bit 1 of parameter 4950).
Spindle Orientation
Spindle Positioning
D Positioning with a
semi–fixed angle
specified by an M code

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