FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

The feedrate during positioning equals the rapid traverse speed specified
in parameter No. 1420. Linear acceleration/deceleration is performed.
For the specified speed, an override of 100%, 50%, 25%, and F0
(parameter No. 1421) can be applied.
The tool moves at the rapid traverse speed set in parameter No.1420 until
a sufficient speed for orientation is attained. After the speed for
orientation has been attained, orientation is performed at the speed set in
parameter No.1425.
When modes are to be switched from spindle positioning to normal
spindle rotation, the M code set in parameter No. 4961 is specified.
1 Feed hold, dry run, machine lock, and auxiliary function lock
cannot be performed during spindle positioning.
2 Parameter No. 4962 must always be set even when
positioning with a semi–fixed angle specified in an M–code
is not performed. If the parameter is not set, M–codes from
the M00 to M05 do not function properly.
1 Specify spindle positioning alone in a block. A move
command for the X or Z axis cannot be specified within the
same block.
2 When emergency stop is applied during spindle positioning,
spindle positioning stops. To resume it, restart with the
orientation step.
3 The serial spindle Cs–axis contour control function and the
spindle positioning function cannot be used at a time. If both
options are specified, the spindle positioning function has
4 The spindle positioning axis is indicated in pulses in the
machine coordinate system.
D Feedrate during
D Speed during orientation
Canceling Spindle

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