FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

Between T∆∆99(∆∆=Tool group number )and T∆∆88 in a machining
program, the time for which the tool is used in the cutting mode is counted
at intervals of 4 seconds. The time taken for single–block stoppage, feed
hold, rapid traverse, dwelling, and FIN wait is ignored.
Up to 4300 minutes can be specified for a life.
Counting is performed for each process that is initiated by the cycle start
of a machining program and ended when the NC is reset by the M02 or
M03 command. The counters for tool groups used in a process are
incremented by one. Even when the same group is specified more than
once in one process, the counter is incremented only by one. Up to 9999
can be set for a tool life.
Counting of a tool life is performed for each group. The life counter
contents are not erased even when the power of CNC is cut off.
When a life is specified as the frequency of use, apply an external reset
(ERS) signal to the CNC when M02 or M30 is executed.
Counting a Tool Life
D When a tool life is
specified as the time of
use (in minutes)
D When a tool life is
specified as the
frequency of use

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