FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

When feed hold is applied during threading in the multiple thread cutting
cycle (G76), the tool quickly retracts in the same way as in chamfering
performed at the end of the thread cutting cycle. The tool goes back to
the start point of the cycle. When cycle start is triggered, the multiple
thread cutting cycle resumes.
Without this retraction function, when feed hold is applied during
threading, the tool goes back to the start point of the cycle after threading
is completed.
See notes in 14.1.2.
1 The meanings of the data specified by address P, Q, and R
determined by the presence of X (U) and X (W).
2 The cycle machining is performed by G76 command with X
(U) and Z (W) specification.
By using this cycle , one edge cutting is performed and the
load on the tool tip is reduced.
Making the cutting depth nd for the first path, and ndn for
the nth path, cutting amount per one cycle is held constant.
Four symmetrical patterns are considered corresponding to
the sign of each address.
The internal thread cutting is available. In the above figure,
the feed rate between C and D is specified by address F, and
in the other path, at rapid traverse. The sign of incremental
dimensions for the above figure is as follows:
U, W : minus (determined by the direction of the tool path
AC and CD.)
R : minus (determined by the direction of the tool path
P : plus (always)
Q : plus (always)
3 Notes on thread cutting are the same as those on G32
thread cutting and G92 thread cutting cycle.
4 The designation of chamfering is also effective for G92
thread cutting cycle.
5 The tool returns to the cycle start point at that time (cutting
depth ndn) as soon as the feed hold status is entered during
thread cutting when the “Thread Cutting Cycle retract”
option is used.
D Thread cutting cycle

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