FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

To repeat drilling for equally–spaced holes, specify the number of repeats
in K_.
K is effective only within the block where it is specified.
Specify the first hole position in incremental mode.
If it is specified in absolute mode, drilling is repeated at the same position.
Number of repeats K The maximum command value = 9999
If K0 is specified, drilling data is stored, but drilling is not performed.
When an M code specified in parameter No.5110 for C–axis clamp /
unclamp is coded in a program, the CNC issues the M code for C–axis
clamp after the tool is positioned and before the tool is fed in rapid traverse
to the point–R level. The CNC also issues the M code for C–axis unclamp
after the tool retracts to the point–R level. The tool dwells for the time
specified in parameter No. 5112.
To cancel a canned cycle, use G80 or a group 01 G code.
 
G 
G00 : Positioning (rapid traverse)
G01 : Linear interpolation
G02 : Circular interpolation (CW)
G03 : Circular interpolation (CCW)
Subsequent sections explain the individual canned cycles. Figures in
these explanations use the following symbols:
Dwell specified in the programP1
Positioning (rapid traverse G00)
Cutting feed (linear interpolation G01)
Manual feed
Dwell specified in parameter No.5111
Issuing the M code for C–axis clamp
Issuing the M code for C–axis unclamp
In each canned cycle,
R_ (distance between the initial level and point R) is always
handled as a radius.
Z_ or X_ (distance between point R and the bottom of the
hole) is, however, handled either as a diameter or radius,
depending on the specification.
D Repeat
D M code used for C–axis
D Cancel
D Symbols in figures

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