FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

Even when the controller is stopped by resetting or emergency stop in the
course of drilling cycle, the drilling mode and drilling data are saved ; with
this mind, therefore, restart operation.
When drilling cycle is performed with a single block, the operation stops
at the end points of operations 1, 2, 6 in Fig. 14.3 (a).
Consequently, it follows that operation is started up 3 times to drill one
hole. The operation stops at the end points of operations 1, 2 with the feed
hold lamp ON. The operation stops in the feed hold conditions at the end
point of operation 6 if the repeat remains, and it stops in stop conditions
in other cases.
When “Feed Hold” is applied between operations 3 and 5 by G84/G88,
the feed hold lamp lights up immediately if the feed hold is applied again
to operation 6.
During operation with G84 and G88, the feedrate override is 100%.
Precautions to be
Taken by Operator
D Reset and emergency
D Single block
D Feed hold
D Override

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