FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

G74 P_ A_ (B_) W_ U_ K_ H_ ;
P : Gauge number (1 to 4)
A : Depth of cut
B : Depth of cut
W : Grinding range
U : Dwell time
K : Feedrate of W
H : Number of repetitions Setting value : 1 to 9999
When the multistage skip operation is used, a gauge number can be
specified. The method of gauge number specification is the same as the
method of multistage skip function. When the multistage skip operation
is not used, the conventional skip signal is valid.
The same specifications as G73 apply to the other items.
1. When the tool moves along the Z–axis to grind a workpiece, if a skip
signal is input, the tool returns to the Z coordinate where the cycle
started after the tool reaches the end of the specified grinding area.
Skip signal
Skip signal
2. The skip signal is valid during dwell, without being affected by
parameters DS1 to DS8 (No. 6206#0 to #7). Dwell is immediately
stopped for return to the Z axis coordinate where the cycle started.
1 The data items A, B, W, I, and K in a canned cycle are modal
values common to G71 through G74. The data items A, B,
W, U, I and K are cleared when a one–shot G code other
than G04 or a 01 group G code other than G71 to G74 is
2 No B code can be specified in the canned cycle mode.
Oscillation Direct
Grinding Cycle
D Operation at the time of
skip signal input

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