FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

1 The following commands cause an alarm.
1) One of I, K, or R is commanded when X and Z axes are
specified by G01.
(P/S alarm No. 054)
2) Move amount of X or Z is less than chamfering value and
corner R value in the block where chamfering and corner
R are specified. (P/S alarm No. 055)
3) Next block to the block where chamfering and corner R
were specified, has not G01 command. (P/S alarm No.
051, 052)
4) If more than one of I, K, and R are specified in G01, P/S
alarm No. 053 is issued.
2 A single block stops at point c of Fig. 15.5 (a) A 15.5 (d), not
at point d.
3 Chamfering and corner R cannot be applied to a thread
cutting block.
4 C can be used instead of I or K as an address for chamfering
on the system which does not use C as an axis name. To
use C for an address for chamfering, fix parameter CCR No.
3405#4 to 1.
5 If both C and R are specified with G01 in a block, the
address specified last is valid.
6 Neither chamfering nor corner–R machining can be
specified in direct drawing dimension programming.

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