FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

There are two types of offset. One is tool wear offset and the other is tool
geometry offset.
The tool path is offset by the X, Y, and Z wear offset values for the
programmed path. The offset distance corresponding to the number
specified by the T code is added to or subtracted from the and position of
each programmed block.
This block contains the offset
command with T code
Tool path after offset
Programmed path
Compensation by offset X, Z (offset vector)
Fig.15.1.5(a) Movement of offset (1)
In Fig.15.1.5(a), the vector with offset X, Y, and Z is called the offset
vector. Compensation is the same as the offset vector.
Offset is cancelled when T code offset number 0 or 00 is selected. At the
end of the cancelled block, the offset vector becomes 0.
N1 X50.0 Z100.0 T0202 ; Creates the offset vector corresponding
to offset number 02
N2 X200.0 ;
N3 X100.0 Z250.0 T0200 ; Specifying offset number 00 deletes the
offset vector.
Tool path after offset
Programmed path
Fig.15.1.5(b) Movement of offset (2)
When the power is first turned on , and the reset key on the MDI units is
pushed or the reset signal is input to the CNC from the machine tool, the
offset is cancelled.
Parameter LVK (No.5003#6) can be set so that offset will not be cancelled
by pressing the reset key or by reset input.
D Tool wear offset
D Offset vector
D Offset cancel

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