FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

When only a T code is specified in a block, the tool is moved by the wear
offset value without a move command. The movement is performed at
rapid traverse rate in the G00 mode . It is performed at feedrate in other
When a T code with offset number 0 or 00is specified by itself, movement
is performed to cancel the offset.
When G50 X_Z_T_ ; is specified
Tool is not moved.
The coordinate system in which the coordinate value of the
tool position is (X,Z) is set. The tool position is obtained by
subtracting the wear offset value corresponding to the offset
number specified in the T code.
With the tool geometry offset, the work coordinate system is shifted by
the X, Y, and Z geometry offset amounts. Namely, the offset amount
corresponding to the number designated with the code is added to or
subtracted from the current position.
Programmed path after work
coordinate system shift
Absolute command
Tool path after offset
Programmed path before
work coordinate system shift
Offset amount by tool
geometry offset in X, Z
axis (offset vector
Fig.15.1.5(c) Movement of tool geometry offset
As well as wear offset, the tool can be compensated by
parameter setting LGT(No.5002#4) to add or subtract the
programmed end point of each block.
Specifying offset number 0, 00, or 0000 cancels offset.
When LGC, bit 5 of parameter No.5002, is set to 0,
specifying offset number 0 or 00 does not cancel offset.
D Only T code
D Tool geometry offset
D Offset cancel

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