FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

The block in which the mode changes to G40 from G41 or G42 is called
the offset cancel block.
G41 _ ;
G40 _ ; (Offset cancel block)
The tool nose center moves to a position vertical to the programmed path
in the block before the cancel block. The tool is positioned at the end
position in the offset cancel block (G40) as shown below.
End position
When is specified again in G41/G42 mode , the tool nose center is
positioned vertical to the programmed path of the preceding block at the
end position of the preceding block.
(G42) (G42)
G42 W–500.0 U–500.0 ;
In the block that first specifies G41/G42, the above positioning of the tool
nose center is not performed.
When you wish to retract the tool in the direction specified by X(U) and
Z(W) cancelling the tool nose radius compensation at the end of
machining the first block in the figure below, specify the following :
G40 X(U) _ Z(W) _ I _ K _ ;
G40 U_ W_ I_ K_ ;
I, K
U, W
Moving direction of tool
D Offset cancel
D Specification of G41/G42
in G41/G42 mode
D Tool movement when the
moving direction of the
tool in a block which
includes a G40
command is different
from the direction of the

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