FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

Plane selection G code (G17, G18, or G19) can be specified in a block
ahead of the coordinate rotation G code (G68.1). Do not specify G17,
G18, or G19 in coordinate rotation mode.
If the rotation center (α_, β_) is not specified, the location of the tool when
G68.1 is issued is assumed as the rotation center.
If the rotation angle command (R_) is not specified, the value specified
in parameter No. 5410 is used as the rotation angle.
The coordinate rotation cancel G code (G69.1) can be specified in the
same block as other commands.
Tool compensation, such as tool offset or tool nose radius compensation,
is processed after coordinate rotation is performed for a program defining
a figure.
G68.1 can be used in either G00 or G01 mode.
A reference position return command G27, G28, G29, or G30 can be
issued only in G69.1 mode.
Do not attempt to change coordinates in G68.1 mode (commands such as
G50, G54 to G59, and the tool offset command).
Coordinate rotation cannot be used in simple canned cycles, multiple
repetitive canned cycles, or canned drilling cycles.
Always use absolute values in a move command that immediately follows
the coordinate rotation command (G68.1) or coordinate rotation cancel
command (G69.1). Specifying an incremental value results in the move
command failing to operate normally.
D Plane selection G code,
G17, G18, or G19
D Rotation center
D Rotation angle command
D Coordinate rotation
D Tool compensation
D Reference position
D Changes to coordinates
D Canned cycles
D Incremental command

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