FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

By enabling subprograms (macro program) to be called with a T code in
a parameter, a macro program can be called each time the T code is
specified in the machining program.
O0001 ;
T0203 ;
M30 ;
O9000 ;
M99 ;
Bit 5(TCS) of parameter No.6001 = 1
By setting bit 5 (TCS) of parameter No.6001 to 1, the macro program
O9000 can be called when a T code is specified in the machining program.
A T code specified in a machining program is assigned to common
variable #149.
In a macro called with a G code or in a program called with an M or T code,
no subprograms can be called using a T code. A T code in such a macro
or program is treated as an ordinary T code.
Subprogram Calls
Using a T Code
D Call

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