FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

The interrupt signal becomes valid after execution starts of a block that
contains M96 for enabling custom macro interrupts. The signal becomes
invalid when execution starts of a block that contains M97.
While an interrupt program is being executed, the interrupt signal
becomes invalid. The signal become valid when the execution of the
block that immediately follows the interrupted block in the main program
is started after control returns from the interrupt program. In type I, if the
interrupt program consists of only macro statements, the interrupt signal
becomes valid when execution of the interrupted block is started after
control returns from the interrupt program.
Even when cycle operation is in progress, movement is interrupted, and
the interrupt program is executed. If the interrupt program contains no
NC statements, the cycle operation is restarted after control is returned to
the interrupted program. If there are NC statements, the remaining
operations in the interrupted cycle are discarded, and the next block is
When the last movement of the cycle operation is started, macro
statements in the interrupt program are executed unless an NC statement
is encountered. NC statements are executed after cycle operation is
D Conditions for enabling
and disabling the custom
macro interrupt signal
D Custom macro interrupt
during execution of a
block that involves cycle
S For type I
S For type II

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