FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

If the following addresses are specified in the Series 15 tape format, they
are ignored.
D I and K for the outer/inner surface rough machining cycle (G71)
D I and K for the end surface rough machining cycle (G72)
Address P for specifying the method of cutting for the multiple repetitive
threading cycle (G76) is always P1 (constant depth of cut with a single
edge) regardless of the command value for P. A value of between 0 and
120 degrees can be specified for tool tip angle A. If other values are
specified, P/S alarm 062 is issued.
Address D (cutting depth and retraction distance) can be specified with
a value between –99999999 and 99999999, in the minimum input
increment, even when calculator–like decimal point input is specified
(when bit 0 (DPI) of parameter No. 3401 is set to 1). When address D
contains a decimal point, P/S alarm No. 007 is issued.
The specifiable value range for the feedrate is the same as that for
equal–lead threading. See section II–18.2.
D Addresses and
specifiable value range

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