FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

1 For the maximum rotation speed of tool, refer to the manual published by the MTB. Do not
specify a spindle speed or ratio to spindle speed exceeding the maximum rotation speed of the
2 The following signals become either valid or invalid in relation to the Y axis in synchronous
Valid signals in relation to Y axis:
machine lock
servo off
Invalid signals in relation to Y axis:
feed hold
dry run
(During a dry run, however, there is no wait for a revolution signal in the G51.2 block.)
1 The Y axis, unlike the other controlled axes, cannot be specifiied a move command as Y––.
That is, an axis move command is unnecessary for the Y axis. Because, when G51.2
(polygonal turning mode) is specified, it is only necessary to control the Y axis so that the tool
rotates at a certain ratio to the spindle rotation speed.
However, only the reference point return command (G28V0;) can be specified since the Y axis
rotation is stopped at the unstable position when G50.2 (polygonal turning mode cancel
command) is specified. If the tool rotation start position is unstable , a problem may occur, for
example, when the same figure is machined with a finishing tool after once machined with a
roughing tool.
Specification of G28V0; for Y axis is equal to the orientation command for the spindle. In the
other axes, unlike the manual reference point return, G28 usually makes reference point return
without detecting the deceleration limit. However, with G28V0; , for the Y axis, reference point
return is executed by detecting the deceleration limit, like manual reference point return.
To machine a workpiece into the same figure as the previous one, the tool and the spindle must
be in the same position as the previous time when the tool starts rotating. The tool is set start
rotation when the one–rotation signal of the position coder set on the spindle is detected.
2 The Y axis used to control tool rotation for polygonal turning uses the 4th axis. However, by
setting parameters, (No.7610) the 3rd axis may also be used. In this case, that axis must be
named C axis.
3 Among the position display of the Y axis, the display for the machine coordinate value
(MECHINE) will change from a range of 0 to the parameter setting (the amount of movement
per revolution) as the Y axis moves.
Absolute or relative coordinate values are not renewed.
4 An absolute position detector cannot be set on the Y axis.
5 Manual continuous feed or handle feed is invalid when the Y axis is in synchronous operation.
6 The starting point of the threading process becomes inconsistent when performed during
synchronous operation.
Cancel the synchronizing by executing G50.2 when threading.
7 The Y axis in synchronous operation is not included in the number of axis controlled

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