FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

3. All operations are executed in the initial level return mode.
4. The repetition count (K) cannot be specified.
5. In canned cycle mode, point R must be specified. (If point R is
omitted, P/S alarm No. 5036 is output.)
6. The drilling start point (d) for the G83 (peck drilling) cycle is specified
with parameter 8258.
G98, G99 (feed per minute, feed per rotation)
The MDF bit (bit 2 of parameter 8241) specifies an initial
continuous–state G code for G110, or the G code to start registration of
the operation program (G101, G102, G103).
When the MDF bit is set to 0, the initial continuous–state code is G98.
When the MDF bit is set to 1, the initial continuous–state code is G99.
When MDF is set to 0
G110 B100. F1000. ; 1000 mm/min
G110 G99 B100. F1 ; 1 mm/rev
In two–path control mode, the system uses the actual
spindle speed, calculated from the feedback signal output
by the position coder connected to the tool post to which the
controlled axis belongs.
M, S, and T codes (auxiliary functions)
According to a numeric value subsequent to address M, S, or T, the binary
code and strobe signal are sent to the machine. The codes and signals for
addresses M, S, and T are all output to an identical interface and can be
used to control power–on or power–off of the machine. For this purpose,
the axis control interface of the PMC is used, which differs from that used
for the miscellaneous functions for the normal NC program. The
following M codes, used to control the spindle, are automatically output
during the G84 (tapping) or G86 (boring) cycle:
M03: Forward spindle rotation
M04: Reverse spindle rotation
M05: Spindle stop
T** to T(** + 9), where ** is the number specified in parameter 8257, are
used as the codes of the auxiliary functions to adjust the tool offset.
T50 to T59 if parameter 8257 is set to 50
1. An M, S, or T code must not be specified in a block containing
another move command. The M, S, and T codes must not be
specified in an identical block.
2. Usually, normal NC operation and B–axis operation are
independent of each other. Synchronization between operations
can be established by coordinating the miscellaneous functions of
the normal NC program and B–axis operation program.

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