FANUC Series 16/18/160/180-Model C for Lathe Operator Manual

(Normal NC operation) (Registered B–axis operation)
: :
M11 ; G00 B111 ;
G01 X999 : G01 B222 ;
G28 Z777 ; G28 ;
M50 ; M50 ;
G00 X666 ; G81 B444 R111 F222 ;
: :
Upon receiving M50 of both the normal NC program and the B–axis
program, the PMC ladder outputs the completion signals (FIN) for the
two miscellaneous functions. G00 X666 of the normal NC program and
G81 B444 R111 F222 of the B–axis program are executed
Custom macro
Custom macro variables (local variables, common variables, system
variables #****) can be used in an operation program between G101,
G102, or G103 and G100.
1. The value of the macro variable is calculated not from the data existing
upon execution of the B–axis operation, but from the data existing at
registration of the operation program.
2. An instruction that causes a branch to a location beyond the range of
G101, G102, or G103 to G100 is processed without being checked.
3. In the two–path control mode, tool posts 1 and 2 use different macro
When a new operation program is registered, the previous operation
program is automatically deleted.
If an error is detected in an operation program to be registered, the
program is initialized but is not registered.
In the same way as a normal NC program, the B–axis operation program
can use the following as modal data: modal G codes, F codes, and P, Q,
and F codes in the canned cycle. These codes do not affect the modal
information of the normal NC program. When a B–axis operation
program is started (by G101, G102, or G103), the initial modal data is set
for the program. It is not affected by the previous modal information.
G01 X10. F1000 ;
G101 (G102, G103) ;
B10. ;
G01 B–10. F500 ;
G100 ;
X–10. ;
Irrespective of the modal information for normal operation (G01
specified in block), block specifies G00 if the MDG bit (bit 1 of
parameter 8241) is set to 0, or G01 if the MDG bit is set to 1.
Block causes movement with F1000, specified in block 1.
D Operation program
D Modal

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